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“Sexist and demeaning to all women” – Australian Womensport and Recreation Association

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The Australian newspaper reported yesterday that Channel Seven (7mate) will be broadcasting the Lingerie Football League when it comes to Australia in December.

The Lingerie Football League involves women in lingerie playing gridiron, getting sweaty and physical with each other. They are not allowed to wear any additional garments and they must agree to accidental nudity. This is not sport, it is objectification of women masquerading as a sport.

The Australian Sports Commission has raised concerns about the sexualisation of women in sport. The ASC have also confirmed the LFL does not adhere to the core principles of sport and they do not support it. Other sporting associations, such as the AWRA have similarly condemned the LFL as “sexist and demeaning to all women”.

While there are so many legitimate women’s sporting leagues that struggle to get sponsorship and media attention, and while the achievements of female athletes are already unreported in the media, it is appalling that Channel Seven would disregard clothed women in sport in favour of woman playing in their underwear.

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Lingerie Football League owner and players

We have previously campaigned against the Lingerie Football League when it first visited Australia in 2012.

Lingerie Football League – lets not pretend its about sport

Visit the link to read more about the LFL and watch videos of ex-players speaking out about exploitation and abuse. You can read about what happened when a Collective Shout activist went undercover and tried out for the team as well as a first hand experience of being a spectator at a Lingerie Football game.


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  1. Eve Richmond
    Posted 13 Nov ’13 at 10:00 pm | Permalink

    The Lingerie Football League….. Sport it is not. SOFT PORN IT IS. I feel really sad for the females who have agreed to participate in it or support it, but even more sad for the females who do play sport but don’t get the recognition, support or sponsorship they deserve. And to think that the very men who would be eager to go and watch would probably be the same men who would never be seen dead in a pair of those swimwear items that fit snug and tight and heaven forbid actually show a bit of shape……and that’s even at the beach where those things are supposed to be worn! I mean … how embarrassment!!! And anyway, as if the heterosexual men of Australia haven’t got enough places to go with their mates to get their jollies, or enough printed material to read to get their kicks, or enough websites to look at to cheat on their wives/ girlfriends/ partners. Well enough said. Apart from …….please voice your concerns, please sign the Collective Shout Campaign and please ask all your friends to do the same.

    • Leah
      Posted 14 Nov ’13 at 11:59 am | Permalink

      Hi all,
      As a player in the LFL I am very aware of people’s different opinions of the sport and especially having it aired on National television in Australia, which I might add thank you so very much to 7MATE for allowing us the opportunity to watched all over Australia.
      The thing about the Legends Football League is that most people that are against it straight away by looking at the uniforms and that is all your opinion is set. You are looking past and the protection that we actually do wear. Firstly the helmets that we wear on field have a electronic sensor that detects if we have been hit too hard and have suffered a concussion in which case we are not allowed to continue on with the game, secondly is shoulder pads which are quite solid which do give us a lot of protection. I have previously played rugby union, WAFL and Rugby League and nothing compares to the game of Gridiron. I do not play for the uniform, and I was never interested in the game because of the uniform…. I was drawn to the game because of the athleticism, and the body image that the American teams portrayed. If you look at the teams we are not stick thin models trying to play football…. We are FOOTBALL PLAYERS with FOOTBALL bodies. We promote a HEALTHY BODY image that young girls can look up to….. Not like in magazines where they are skin and bone. Constantly I see young girls trying to lose weight rather than toning what they have and still continuing to eat healthy. The girls in my team range from 60kg up to over 110kg and they look amazing. YOU SHOULD SUPPORT ANY WOMEN’S SPORT THAT IS NATIONALLY TELEVISED! PEACE & LOVE

      What happened to the days where women were proud of each other & respected each other? Women can’t even do the one thing that is so naturally beautiful in this world which is breastfeeding because it may offend some people….. We were not put on earth to be negative toward one another, we got put on earth to make our own decisions and to be individuals….. and love everyone for who they are! Not based on GENDER, SKIN COLOUR, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, SPORT CHOICE, CLOTHING CHOICE, HAIR COLOUR, CHOICE OF PROFESSION…. All of these are everyone’s individual LIFE Choices & not everyone is the same! The difference between the people signing the petition and us is that we don’t judge you on your decisions! There are so many other issues in the world that deserve to be addressed rather than petitioning to try and not allow female athletes of Australia play on National Television. Why not use that time helping other needy causes like charities with people needing funds to find cures, helping the homeless, trying to put a stop to World Hunger, putting a stop to child bullying!!!! Us LFL girls ABSOLUTELY LOVE the game of Gridiron….. it is and has been our life for over a year, and for us healthy, fit women to be seen on National Television is an AMAZING accomplishment to us and we are NOT going anywhere…. WE ARE HERE TO STAY!!! If you still disapprove because of the uniforms, please just don’t watch, don’t try and spoil our dreams!
      I would love to have you come down and watch us train over the upcoming weeks to see how fit, healthy and down to earth we are, you will see how much we love this game!!!

    • Sarah slop
      Posted 14 Nov ’13 at 12:22 pm | Permalink

      Why don’t you try and play the sport before you go making judgment. It’s pretty fucking sad that we have to wear what we do to play a sport but it’s the only way we can play this sport. We’re not allowed to join men’s teams and there is no womens league. Stop judging us and maybe come down to a training session and see what we do. We’re not about what we have to wear, were about playing the sport and being the best at it. If you don’t like that then don’t fucking watch it. Don’t go hating on us and making a stupid petition because there’s a large majority of perth people that enjoy the sport and the atmosphere. Your clearly just jealous because you know you are no were nere capable of doing what we do. Stop judging and keep it to yourself you fucking morons.

    • Team CS
      Posted 14 Nov ’13 at 2:46 pm | Permalink

      Hi Sarah,

      We are not judging, attacking or hating LFL players, it is unfortunate that you have decided to be abusive in your comment though.

      We agree that it is sad that the owner of the LFL compromises safety in order to sexually objectify players. He does this to fill his own pockets, I understand he is still not paying players. Fan comments of the LFL that we have seen on social media and youtube are absolutely disgusting. Female athletes deserve to be treated with the same respect that male athletes do.

      We oppose the Lingerie Football League in Australia because it reinforces sexism in women’s sport as well as in the community more generally. Women’s sport is not given equal representation in the media, but further reinforcing sexism and sexual objectification through the LFL does not solve this problem. Instead, women’s sport is made invisible.

      For example, you say this is the only way to play this sport, but there is in fact Women’s Gridiron Teams in Australia. They wear what the men wear, because they deserve the same amount of protection.

  2. Sarah slop
    Posted 14 Nov ’13 at 12:25 pm | Permalink

    And another thing. It’s legends league football. Get the name right before you make a petition. Because right now it’s not going towards anything, there is no league called lingerie football.

    • Team CS
      Posted 14 Nov ’13 at 2:57 pm | Permalink

      Hi Sarah,

      The petition is directed towards Channel 7. The name change is a marketing gimmick to make Lingerie Football more attractive to sponsors. We’re not buying it.

    • Sport?
      Posted 30 Dec ’13 at 1:00 pm | Permalink

      It’s not sport, and it’s promoted as a lingerie league – it’s LAUGHABLE! What’s the point of the shoulder padding when you’ve got no thigh padding like the guys. And wearing basically a bikini – get real. Effing ridiculous – and very skanky. Absolute joke. Are you girls idiots? You obviously have NO self respect.

  3. Sarah
    Posted 14 Nov ’13 at 3:22 pm | Permalink

    The women’s gridion league do not wear the same thing as the boys. They all have modified clothing and equipment. Did you not see the cover on the news about all female sports having to do photo shoots in bikinis just to get there own sponsorships and the public to even notice them, sports such a bmxing and swimming. All Olympic sports yet they still have to do the dirty to get noticed. Don’t take away our game because you don’t like it. Maybe focus on getting more involved and helping women’s sports to be equal to men’s. This right here is t helping your just taking what could help all female sporting stars in the future.

    • Team CS
      Posted 14 Nov ’13 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

      Hi Sarah,
      My understanding from one of the team presidents is that the only modification to equipment is in order to better fit the women. Women’s bodies are shaped differently to men. But there is no compromise on safety, like there is with the LFL.
      I understand what you’re saying about other sports using sexual objectification in marketing. We need to keep challenging sexual objectification in our culture, including in women’s sport. Many of our supporters are involved in sport and are speaking up on behalf of themselves and their daughters.
      Lingerie Football does not help to solve the problems you’ve mentioned, it further reinforces the problem.

    • The Truth
      Posted 15 Jan ’14 at 11:28 pm | Permalink

      Totally untrue: real women’s gridiron players wear exactly the same gear as the men. Yes, the chest pads are fitted to allow for the anatomical differences between men and women, but at least the women in real gridiron have protection covering their chests. The LFL players have no chest protection whatsover. Mitch Mozarella wants them women running into each other with plastic helmets and bare cleavage, and it’s an accident waiting to happen…or would be, if those LFL goofs hit as hard as real women’s gridiron players.

      I’ve been watching gridiron longer than most of these LFL girls have been alive. I know bad gridiron when I see it. These LFL girls are poorly trained and poorly equipped. I reckon these LFL girl should try playing full kit gridiron, then they’d have to learn the game properly.

  4. Eve Richmond
    Posted 14 Nov ’13 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

    I thank you ladies who have replied in your defence. Could have left the swearing and name calling out of it though!!!! It hasn’t done any of you any favours. And just as you have your opinion, I will have my opinion on the matter of the sexual objectification of women and girls in sport in Australia and other countries too.
    As a volunteer supporting families in need I am well aware of the huge number of issues affecting men, women and children, and our young people in our communities in Australia. Both the women and men who contribute on a volunteer basis, love and respect each other with hugs and good wishes every day. But sadly the people, (mostly men) of the world as I said previously who will come to watch you, do not come to watch you because they respect you. They do not come to watch sport. They quite simply come to perve. And that electronic sensor that you speak of is not going to stop the occasional accidental nudity happening is it?
    I am well aware that the league has a proper name. A name it was hoped, was meant to be used in this country because it would sound more respectful, less demeaning, and attract less attention – is that not right? I remember reading that comment in the printed media. But this is not the title the media in Australia have chosen to call you by on many occasions – And why? Might have something to do with the fact that this is what your clubs or teams are known by in another country right now?
    Is it not right that if you were to play this sport like the men you would wear a proper uniform with underwear underneath. However you are required to, and have agreed to wear lingerie. Items of clothing worn by females under other clothing, or in the bedroom, and which is not something that females generally wear in public, at the supermarket, in the street, on the bus, or in most workplaces….. for moral and legal reasons. So why is it ok for females to appear in public in lingerie all in the name of sport and we are all supposed to be ok with that?
    I am aware that you are experienced players and I congratulate you all on that achievement. I truly do. Women and many family respectful men in this country would like for nothing more than to have females being represented fairly and equally on the field and in the media in sport as women in sport should not BE THE SPORT. However this doesn’t detract from the fact that for women to play sport like the men do – they should be required to wear a uniform the same as the men do with underwear on underneath. Therefore this then is what you should be doing too – wearing a uniform with protective items on that cover up your skin ( to avoid cuts and scrapes and broken bones) AND underwear underneath incase of accidental wardrobe malfunctions like the men do.
    Believe me ladies you are not getting all this publicity, sponsorship and support because you are experienced athletes, otherwise we would have seen you all already on tv, wearing uniforms like men do with underwear on underneath, with all the other benefits that our males in sport are afforded. And we would not be having this conversation would we? Hence the reason there is a website like this… because a majority of people in this country would like to see more than anything else…… a world free of sexploitation.
    On a personal level the majority of men that I have spoken to this last year have had nothing good to say about women in sport which has disgusted and angered me. Thankfully though the sportswomen of the world and the people who support them have done and continue to do so much to enable acceptance of sport of a morally acceptable standard……especially for and on behalf of our future young female athletes. And we applaud them for their enormous efforts. Sadly we have a long way to go, and what is happening now is doing nothing and I will say it again NOTHING to help the profession of women in sport in Australia.
    And with the hundreds of people both men and women who have shown their disapproval by signing the petition on the collective shout website, they obviously disagree with your belief that you are doing something wonderful for the profession of women in sport. So again I ask that the petition signing continue.

    • Sport?
      Posted 30 Dec ’13 at 1:10 pm | Permalink

      Well said, Eve. It just blows my mind that the girls involved in this farce are so deluded. I’m speechless and dumbfounded. They try and look tough wearing skimpy outfits … ridiculous, and it SCREAMS sexism. I’m deafened by the screams – are they hard of hearing? I can hear the clock ticking backwards – “tick tick tick” … perhaps they want a time machine to travel back to the fifties? Let’s hope this excruciating spectacle gets a red flag and is fouled out – permanently.

  5. Steph
    Posted 25 Nov ’13 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

    We aren’t trying to get female sport off TV. Don’t you see the point is we want you and any women to be able to play sport professionally (shown on TV, receiving payment, sponsorship and most of all, the respect that is afforded male athletes)? Unfortunately the whole premise of the LFL is that the players are not respected for their athleticism, they are objectified.

  6. Lickety Split
    Posted 4 Dec ’13 at 12:13 am | Permalink

    So if we get together a petition with say 100,000 signatures in FAVOUR of lingerie football on 7Mate, will you cease and desist with trying to foist the views of a tiny minority on the rest of us?

    It’s good entertainment for the majority of thinking people. Interesting thing is, nobody HAS to watch it. I am not particularly interested n croquet, so I dont watch it. All you opinionated and self-righteous twits could just choose to switch channels, rather than trying to impede my fun.

    • Helen
      Posted 11 Dec ’13 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

      Sorry but I have to seriously question your use of saying this is a sport to entertain “thinking people”. To entertain voyeuristic males is a certainty (and minimal intellect is required for this, as to which you so aptly displayed in your comment).

    • The Truth
      Posted 15 Jan ’14 at 11:32 pm | Permalink

      If watching really crappy pseudo gridiron played by a bunch of chicks who didn’t even know what a gridiron ball looked like until Mitch Mozarella promised them TV time for bumbling around in their Reg Grundies about a year or so ago, qualifies as your idea of “fun” then have at it. You’re entitled to enjoy crap.

  7. Julie
    Posted 4 Dec ’13 at 2:27 pm | Permalink

    To Sarah and Leah
    As a female that loves and enjoys the sport of muaythai and currently looking at competing at professional level next year, I have to disagree that your poste displays a healthy and accurate image of female atheletes. Perhaps the photos have been photoshopped but all I can see from the poster are boobs. BIG boobs. Not sure if that is part of the requirement of joining the league but that is definitely not a true depiction of female atheletes’ body, nor is it conveying a positive message about female athelete’s image.
    No one here is trying to undermine your effort in playing the sport, what everyone is objecting is the fact that you, a female who work hard to play the sport as you said you did, are requested to dress in such a demeaning and sexually objectified way in order to play it. Fair enough that you dont mind, but the larger impact of this is beyond just you and your team. What everyone is worried about it when this goes on air, how would the wider public view female atheletes? Do other female atheletes have to do the same to get people to notice their talent? Will it affect how people look at sports with female in it?
    Think beyond yourself. Think for other female who want to be respected and looked up upon while playing sport.

  8. David Schulze
    Posted 4 Dec ’13 at 2:41 pm | Permalink

    If you don’t like it then don’t watch it, but don’t try and tell me what should or shouldn’t be on TV and what I should or shouldn’t watch.

    i don’t like better homes and gardens, but you don’t see me starting a protest to to get rid of it. I just just vote with my eyes and don’t watch.

    it shouldn’t be a nanny state

    • Nelle
      Posted 4 Dec ’13 at 4:02 pm | Permalink

      I think you miss the point David. It’s men like you watching “sport” like this that we have a problem with. It reinforces your attitude that these hard working women getting their gear off is a perfectly acceptable form entertainment which you somehow have a right to. These sorts of standards impact the day to day life of women in our country and influence the attitude of men towards them.

      Did you know that there is a statistical correlation between the availability of pornography and rape? Now that’s not saying that porn causes rape…what it is saying is that the continual and constant objectification of the female body devalues the person inside it to such an extent that their rights are often trodden upon.

      I am sure that you aren’t arguing for my life to be more degrading and full of disrespect than it already is – i’m positive that you just don’t understand the impact of this “entertainment” you feel is worth fighting for.

      Also a nanny state is when the government dictates the media – not when the media bows to public opinion….The media will always bow to public opinion- that’s’ how they make money.

    • Belle
      Posted 19 Dec ’13 at 8:59 am | Permalink

      I don’t understand why people who are against this petition are on this site in the first place, they make comments like “If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it”, well if you don’t agree with this petition, then don’t sign it or visit this site to criticise it!

  9. Tania Dorney
    Posted 4 Dec ’13 at 4:09 pm | Permalink

    sexist demeaning degrading offensive humiliating disgraceful

  10. Sharon
    Posted 4 Dec ’13 at 6:05 pm | Permalink

    It’s not a matter of “IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT DON’T WATCH IT” that’s not the point. I would love to see more women’s sport be given support by the Media and yes the public. Instead we get this crap.

    What a kick in the teeth for Women in Sport that this is the what is going to be broadcast on free to air, while talented Female athletes continue to be shafted.

    • Sport?
      Posted 30 Dec ’13 at 1:12 pm | Permalink


    • The Truth
      Posted 15 Jan ’14 at 11:35 pm | Permalink

      I agree. Stupid jokers think they have a “choice”. That’s absolute rubbish. LFL gets all over TV at the expense of real women’s sports, thus dwindling exposure and resources for women in soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc. And then THOSE women have NO choice. Fact is, society is conditioned to enjoy rubbish. You’ve been conditioned, but they give you an option between Crap 1 and Crap 2, and you choose one or the other in this insane world, and you call that “choice”.

  11. Heather
    Posted 5 Dec ’13 at 11:43 am | Permalink

    It’s horrid just another bloody way for perverted men to get off … should NOT be on public tv if perverts want to see 90% naked stupid women with Nothing to offer apart from taking advantage of weak minded libido driven men then they should find it privately not Publicly why should decent people be forced to see and hear about Offensive material… i’m sickened by this … This shows The weakness and worst parts of Humanity

  12. Sabz
    Posted 5 Dec ’13 at 3:58 pm | Permalink

    Why hasn’t issues been raised with women’s beach volley ball? Those girls walk around with their briefs wedged right up their asses or what about athletics those girls run around in crop tops and briefs, if your going to create a fuss at least be consistent! And while your there why not take shows off like Australia’s next top model or beauty and the geek, and will stop wearing bikinis to the beach! I think these girls look great they have worked hard to look like that, definitely motivates me to make some lifestyle changes. Il b there watching can’t wait to see what the energy and the power of the girls.

    • Team CS
      Posted 21 Dec ’13 at 11:30 pm | Permalink

      Do your research Sabz. Concerns have been raised about beach volleyball. The Australian Sports Commission references beach volleyball as an example of ‘sexploitation’ in sport.

      “Sexploitation is not simply a matter of skimpy costumes on female bodies. It is also the inappropriate portrayal of female athletes either in their sporting apparel or in alternative situations.

      In athletics, track and field athletes of both sexes wear body-hugging outfits of lightweight material. These costumes are designed, and understood to be so, for technological and functional purposes: to go faster and higher with the least restriction and wind resistance.”

      I suggest you read the whole article:

      The costumes required by the LFL are not for functional purposes, but for men’s sexual titillation. If you think otherwise then you might want to let the fans know – they obviously didn’t get the memo =>

  13. Brigitte Butler
    Posted 6 Dec ’13 at 9:57 pm | Permalink

    I’ve watched the game in Brisbane last year and I found absolutely nothing degrading about it. It was an excellent game to watch and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The athleticism, team spirit and the respect for each other’s team was inspiring. Very sporty and professional indeed. There were also no degrading comments of any male spectator that were sitting close to us. Quite frankly, they were surprised and impressed by the game and how tough them girls were. If that doesn’t make a bloke have respect I don’t know what does. And honestly, if there was any nudity, I’ve missed it. As for the dress code, women used to bath basically fully clothed with weights sewed into the hem so nothing stayed afloat. That was back in patriarchal times when women had very little rights. In those times violence against women wasn’t reported and acknowledged. All I’m saying is, violence against women has little to do with dress codes, but in the believe that women are inferior to men. And it’s natural to admire each other’s physique. I’ve got quite a few female friends that watch footy for the toned bodies rather than the sport. That doesn’t make them to behave inappropriately towards men and I certainly wouldn’t say that NRL wasn’t a real sport because of it. As for the management of this game I hope they pay the players fairly and adequately for all their hard work and enthusiasm they put into it. I wish them all the best of luck for their first game and season. And by the way, every TV channel only broadcasts sport and entertainment that attract a big audience. Guess that’s why I’m not on TV either.

    • Team CS
      Posted 9 Dec ’13 at 11:54 am | Permalink

      This has not been the experience of others attending the games Brigitte. The way men talk about the players and comment on their bodies is disgusting.

      We have also received a number of messages saying things like “tits out for the boys.”

      Of course the women are talented and athletic, no question there. But that’s not why the LFL has recruited them and that’s not why men are attending games.

      We live tweeted the game last night which you’re welcome to view here:

      We are also aware that a young player was excluded from playing for being “too fat” and is devastated.

    • Belle
      Posted 19 Dec ’13 at 9:33 am | Permalink

      If it was about the women’s athleticism then why are they made to wear lingerie? The typical physique of a blocker for example is broad and solid – so if this sport were actually taken seriously, shouldn’t the women be chosen based on their suitability to the position, not how good they look in their underwear?

      Don’t the women who play LFL and have no problem with the lingerie requirement see how it diminishes the respect they deserve as athletes and performs a disservice to female athletes in general?

      Aren’t they, as women and athletes. offended that the only way women are permitted their own football league is if there’s an element of sexual objectification?

  14. Renee
    Posted 10 Dec ’13 at 6:55 pm | Permalink

    Dear Team CS,

    Thank you so much for your work. I just discovered it! Pls continue to fight for what women really deserve. To be equally respected as men would be, and not to be looked at as objects! You are doing some good work!

  15. Germonator
    Posted 13 Dec ’13 at 7:04 pm | Permalink

    I’m a guy, I’ve watched LFL. There’s no ‘sport’ involved. It is pure tits and bums and slease. The commentators don’t even know what to say about the game. There’s no strategy. It isn’t even played on a fullsized gridiron field.

    What we need is mature, honest, descent and trusted mentors for our children and their children. These women have been duped into thinking that they are professionally involved in a serious sport. Instead, they are stooges for perverts and emotionally unstable men who are sexually immature and poor role models for their children. Try this test…would you ‘father’ or ‘mother’ allow your daughter to go on the field wearing nothing more than her undies? If you answer ‘no’, why not? If you answer ‘yes’, why? Can you be totally honest with your answer?

    It’s time that we reclaimed society in the west for decency and not decadence. We’ve got decades of evidence that sexual slease and the sexual objectification of women (and increasingly the same sexual objectification of men with the increasing acceptance of homosexuality) does nothing to strengthen the fabric of civil society.

    Men, if you want this show to be on free-to-air television and you are happy to allow the opportunity for your son’s to oogle at these women parading as sports people, you are condoning their future lives trapped in a pornographic cycle of abuse and sexual depravity.

    Women, if you want this show to be on free-to-air television and you are happy to allow the opportunity for your daughter(s) to display their femininity for perverts and young boys to drool over, you are condoning the sexual objectification of your daughter(s) and the degradation of women in general. You have no excuse for the increase in sexual abuse and depravity we see occurring in society.

  16. Belle
    Posted 19 Dec ’13 at 9:36 am | Permalink

    If it was about the women’s athleticism then why are they made to wear lingerie? The typical physique of a blocker for example is broad and solid – so if this sport were actually taken seriously, shouldn’t the women be chosen based on their suitability to the position, not how good they look in their underwear?

    Don’t the women who play LFL and have no problem with the lingerie requirement see how it diminishes the respect they deserve as athletes and performs a disservice to female athletes in general?

    Aren’t they, as women and athletes. offended that the only way women are permitted their own football league is if there’s an element of sexual objectification?

  17. Jason
    Posted 20 Dec ’13 at 8:43 pm | Permalink

    No. Why? Because you shouldn’t be trying to limit freedom. The women who signed up obviously know what they are doing, they’re obviously comfortable with doing this.

    Should we be banning beach volleyball? Their outfits are minimal both women’s and men’s.

    This sexism angle is utter bullshit.

  18. Jason
    Posted 21 Dec ’13 at 5:28 pm | Permalink

    I feel this petition is offensive. Can I get this taken down off the internet?

  19. Ros Weiss
    Posted 21 Dec ’13 at 10:39 pm | Permalink

    Funny Sally says that there is no comp for women here other than the LBL. The ladies playing in the Queensland and Victorian competitions in “full contact, full uniform”. Maybe the girls that fly full uniform are just not skilled enough, or tough enough to be on TV, after all doesn’t the “accidental nudity “clause tell you that these LFL girls are so tough that they keep going even if their clothes get ripped off!!!

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