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Collective Shout is delighted to be featured on Enlighten Education’s new positive iPhone app for girls. This free app delivers daily positive and inspirational quotes for girls with beautiful imagery. Collective Shout is featured on the ‘information’ component of the app, alongside other organisations doing important work. From Enlighten Education’s blog:

Much excitement here at Enlighten today . . . After months in development, our very own free iPhone app is being launched to the world! Download the free app at


to receive daily:

  • AFFIRMATIONS —  self-affirming messages to boost self-esteem and body image
  • INSPIRATION — wise words from amazing women
  • INFORMATION — web links to info every girl needs to know

The idea to create an app came to me when I tried (unsuccessfully) to find a cool-looking app with positive messages for Teyah and Jaz, my daughter and stepdaughter, who are 12 and 16.

Girls are bombarded every day with messages from the media and advertisers that their worth is all about their looks, and that ‘girl-power’ means being able to raunch it up. This app is an antidote! It’s designed to be fun and gorgeous looking, while providing a daily reminder that we are not just bodies, but somebodies.

We are offering this app free because we want to reach as many girls as we can with positive messages about  body image, self-esteem and feminism — in a medium they enjoy and use every day. Let’s face it, we could all do with an alternative to the endless grind of messages telling us we’re not “enough” (thin enough/pretty enough/rich enough, etc.). Help us spread the love by telling everyone in your network!

Check out the launch video for the new app, created by 15 year old Emma Elias with music by Cat Vas.

With girls receiving so many negative messages from our culture, it is great that technology can be used to deliver a counter-cultural positive message.

The app is completely FREE, so download and check it out today.

Find out more about the new positive IPhone app and Enlighten Education’s work by visiting  The Butterfly Effect.  Collective Shout thanks Enlighten Education for including us in this great new initiative.

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  1. Posted 27 Sep ’11 at 3:48 pm | Permalink

    Thank you for sharing the love! We were thrilled to be able to feature some of our favourite organisations and their work.

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